Fair Review of PC Magazine

PCMag specializes in reviews of the latest tech products! Printed editions were published from 1982 to January 2009, while online editions are still published to this day.

Anything related to mobile phones, PCs, or other gadgets, they seek to review, compare to other similar products, and deliver their professional opinion on the said topic. Most reviewed and written about topics you can find on their site are mobile phones and games. The gaming world is ever-expanding, and they aim to represent and check out brand new games. What may be of great interest for you if you are a gamer is that they offer advice on which PC would be the best fit for a specific type of gameplay. As for other tech geeks, PCMag provides the best articles that explain in great detail what are the new and never-seen-before components in the latest’s PC kit. 

Since the tech industry also offers a wide range of gadgets, PCMag writes articles related to health and fitness. In them, you can find out all about how the latest smartwatches can count your daily calorie intake, send you reminders to take your medication, or calculate how many footsteps you walked in a day. 

For people that just want to find a good takeaway or restaurant, they do a meticulous job of finding and delivering the best food review apps with take-out ratings, and of course, GPS guidance so that you make sure you find the best route to your favorite restaurant!

We all noticed the impact technology has on children, so they research and explore the latest software to help parents obtain greater insight and control in what content is presented to their kids and prevent any potentially graphic content from reaching them. In addition, they make sure to look into new tech surveillance products that you can install either in your car or in your house and explain to you the pros and cons of each said product.

PCMag periodically surveys its readers to find out which topic has your most significant interest. Luckily for loyal readers, they always seek to improve the number of subjects they have written articles on or even improve the ones they have already written about if there is additional info or if the product has been upgraded. So in case you feel like providing additional info, feel free to reach out to them directly.

Special interests are held in social networks, and social apps and are always eager and ready to review each new app or comment on the existing ones that have been upgraded. The main goal is to bring them closer to the user, give them first-hand experience and even help use them. They also focus on discovering new platforms that would benefit aspiring entrepreneurs or current business owners.  

Another subject they take great joy in bringing closer to readers is a basic how-to field where they explain and teach many tech tricks that can be of quite help in professional and everyday life, such as how to set your wi-fi router when in need or tricks how to prolong your laptop or smartphone battery life by enabling or disabling apps or optimizing existing apps. 

We make sure to be as exact and as simple and straightforward as possible for the purpose of our blog is to be receptive to both professional tech individuals or amateur tech lovers who seek to improve their knowledge and range of interests. Furthermore, we aim to boost their creative impulses by taking great pleasure in trying gadgets suitable for creative work, such as professional photo cameras or Ipads explicitly designed for drawing or graphic designs.

For the fans: PCMag is open and hospitable for further cooperation with other tech-lovers! If you are interested in writing content, have fresh ideas, or want to contribute to their work in other ways, contact them for collaboration!

7 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021


The good thing about trends in graphic design is that every year a reset is provided. As well as the challenge for 2020 can offer us the greatest breath of fresh air in terms of design trends from 2021.

Whereas the promise of a new decade has led to trends throughout the past, the use of science and future technology leads to the first trend in graphic design in 2021. We examined viewpoints as well as predictions of our worldwide graphic designer community — from classic symbolism to elements of nature to analog painting — that signal trends founded in this world.

All graphics are about turning the plain it into something special. Let’s look at how the 2021 designers influence this decade’s trajectory.


Abstract Psychedelia

The art & music scene of its sixties does have its roots in Psychedelia. In short, the opening of one’s mind is associated only with hallucinogens and creative experiments in the context of societal upheaval. It does seem to fit the times in contrast from then on: the chaotic psychedelic imagery promotes freedom, the sense which designers have ceased to be linked by traditional restrictions.

In 2021, graphic designers revived Psychedelia via excessive color and complex abstraction, which would make MC Escher dizzy. These are designs that live their own lives both in explosive arrangements and also in their complexity, insofar as no two views feel quite identical.

While distorted form and baffled imagery may well be the purpose, symmetry could even start making these compositions even more complicated. It is like this new Psychedelia suggests that even in the most limited circumstances, there are many ways of remaining ground.


Symbol revival

The small things are important in design. A nation could be unified by colorful bars on a waving banner as well as a shape as easy as just a red octagon could save lives at such a busy crossroad.

Symbols such as these have historically been all about universality. The power of classic symbols is one’s willingness to transcend the language. Whether this takes the form of warning transmissions or identifying a cause under the common iconography. In 2021, designers use this capacity to create aspiring symbols of resilience, growth, and enhanced capacity.

They do this by incorporating creatively recognizable power symbols like stars, stoic lions, and goddesses. We also witness the modernization of classical visual motifs, like the medieval crest of Eliza Osmos or stained glass framing with svart ink. The designers shape talismans through classic symbols throughout the coming year that we’ll be desperate to avoid.



Retrofuturism, the Science & Fiction dreams of an ancient era, appeals to spectacular ways that the past has failed. Now though, flying automobiles, ray weapons, and robot maids had been expected to be available. We got Roombas instead.

Retro Futurism has over the ages dominated as just a visual style because of its bold imagination and its surprisingly optimistic view—at least more so than our present visions of doom in performances including the Black Mirror. The retro-futurists trusted human progress so much that our science could never match also the fearful green Martians in flying saucers.

Stylistically speaking, this optimism is expressed by emphasizing computer typography, bright colors, and curves—from space helms to domes and arches. In 2021, retro-futurism promises to take us back to the good old days of the coming days instead of returning us to an idealized past.


Seamless surrealism

‘Surrealism’ is among the artistic terms that people tend to associate only with inscrutable, insensitive imagination. But the fact that the pandemics of bad fiction have become our way of life often forgets that it includes the words ‘realism.’ Really, it is linked to the surrealistic, and in no year was that felt more than in 2020.

This anxiety is expressed by graphic designers through surrealist collages, in which images that would be normal become strange in combination. An apple man could be normal from his neck, and a swimming pool throughout the backyard can contain a whole range of mountains.

The illusion is smooth, making separating one image from yet another difficult. The result is to welcome the stranger uncomfortably, to accept impossible combinations as being one. We expect this trend in picture-focused media like posters, album art, and book covers to become more often a conceptual approach.


Authentic representation

The Black Lives Matter movement is a time of global protest without precedent. It’s indeed hopeful that even a re-examination of systemic prejudice will start and, therefore, will continue in 2021, including graphic design, through all industries.

We also saw designers making efforts in illustration and stock photography to dip models in favor of authentic, diverse people. We imagine it’ll go beyond merely inclusive celebration in 2021 still further. The result was indeed a portrait of black men and women in powerful, inspiring environments and poses. We saw colorful designers throughout the immediate vicinity of the BLM protests.

Once a thing design must be avoided, it is uniformity. The highlighting of different cultures, skin tones, ages, and identities is a wonderful way to create designs that are truly unique, like authentic people.


Irreverent characters

A story can be told by good design. This story is unforgettable with great design. In 2021, numerous graphic designers are trying to digest abstract images for strange characters. More personally, the more memorable these protagonists are.

Conceptual illustration lies at the heart of this trend, as personality throughout the form of a man-drawn strategy is not just the pose of the protagonist. It is why these styles range in detail from the cross-hairing of modern cartoons to just the simplified forms, lines, and colors. The concepts – anthropomorphic sushi and suitable animals – themselves indicate the expected recovery in the coming months of humor and strangeness.


Comics & pop art

The design styles of its past haven’t ever died, like that of an arch-nemesis. And graphic designers are reviving the heavy encryption, granular colors, and vintage comics activity lines this year.

Born out of a technological printing era, comics often used half-tons to represent the color or simplified dot shading. This strategy could now inspire new life through grainy texture and depth into modern minimalist trends like flat design. Likewise, the grid can be broken by web designers with inclined panels and skewed forms that create a feeling of play and movement.


So these are some of the most important graphic design trends for the year 2021 that you should consider if you are in the field of graphic designing.


The Need Of Cheap WordPress hosting in 2021



WordPress is a well established community that allows users to create and publish their content to reach a wider audience. The platform also allows users to customise the themes and layout according to their own preference. The best part of WordPress is that it is free. It is an open source platform hence, it encourages global participation. Whether you run a blog, a business site, an e-commerce store, or any other site, WordPress is the platform that is commonly used for all these purposes. This is because the design of the platform is extremely user friendly and is also easily accessible. Moreover, you can use it in your smartphone, laptop, or any other device.


You’ve finally built a website that is running quite successfully but what next? You need the time and tools to manage it. This is when a WordPress hosting site can come in handy. It helps your website to work more efficiently and it will also simplify, secure, and speed up your site. There are multiple platforms that offer low-priced WordPress hosting these days. This is great news for your low budget plans. However, there are some limitations when you opt to go for a relatively cheap hosting because lesser the price, lesser the features.


In an era where you have a wide variety of options to choose from, how do you make a selection. This goes on to extend the importance of research that will help you gain knowledge about website hosting platforms that will cost low without you having to compromise on quality.


When In Doubt, Research


Now that you know conducting an extensive research can come in very handy, you should also know how to research effectively:-


Go online and search for the various WordPress hosting sites and compare their prices. You will realise that the more expensive plans tend to have more features. The more features you come across, the more tempted you become to use it. This is where you meet Robert Frost’s two diverged roads – whether to take the expensive road or the cheap road. Unlike the poet, you have an easy road laid out for you in the points below.


  • Brew some coffee, sit back, and relax. Yes, that was a humorless joke. On a serious note, grab a note and a pen and start your research.


  • Compare the prices of each of these platforms and see the features they offer in that plan. Some of the most important features you have to consider are the bandwidth capacity, storage space, number of visitors per month, and domain registration for a single website.


  • Study the list and observe whether those sites have a different pricing for these features or a similar one. Some sites will provide plenty of features at a comparatively lower price whereas you may find those same packages of features for a higher price in a different website.


  • If you are a beginner, it is better to start with a hosting service that is priced low for it will take some time for your website to garner a decent traffic. Once the traffic increases, the strain on your website will increase as well indicating that you should invest in a plan with more features.



Selecting the right platform


You may have come across plenty of listicles listing out the best cheap website hosting sites for you but the crux of the matter is this – you have to make your own list. At best, you can garner some information from it but no list and referrals can help you with the selection because it is you who needs the hosting platform and it is you who knows the best about the features your website requires. Those lists may convince you that a particular site is the best for website hosting service but conducting a good research will help you gain the precise insight on what is it that you actually require for your website hosting services.


Hence, all these functions of a WordPress hosting site only go on to show as to why using it is very important in today’s digitised world. You can plan and organise your site using the hosting platform and also optimise it to a great extent. What is the use of a site if it does not bring you any visibility. Using a reliable hosting site can strengthen your online presence. Make sure you make the right choice and remember, research is the key!


All About The Techno World Of 2021 And Vision Ahead

Expectation of generation

There are a lot of audiences to the technology. It has successfully conquered the complete world with its easy to use and safe to process achiness. The best thing about being a part of this world right now, in this era is the developing technological services that are not only helpful but also, exciting and thrilling to use. The generation is so much driven by these automated machines that, one cannot imagine their lives without the existence of these tools and techniques.


Vision for future

There is a vision to every individual living in today’s world, that vision is filled with robots and artificial bits of intelligence. The tech geeks are the new cool and the most learned person here is not humans but an artificial clone of the human. It is really exciting to note that the world is full of advanced tools that don’t degrade the environment rather makes it smarter more productively efficient. The future is in the hands of the tech developers. The more gadgets, the less human resource required to initiate work.


Advanced techno-gadgets

Many sites keep updating the interested customers on the various developments recently made in the world of tech and apps. At this point, one would not be surprised a baby speaking to an in-built artificial intelligence of the phone. It is because the complete development aims to make every individual acquainted with the different tech gadgets. Below are some of the most widely used technologies of the current time.


Mostly used ones

These technologies are just barely a few decades old but, they have gained much audience than any other over time. They won hearts overcoming the initial concepts and premature technologies. The development in this sector is comparatively much faster than it is in any other sector. The most used ones are efficient and engage a lot of audiences effortlessly. Let’s read about these categories in brief for a much better understanding of the latest interests.

  • Artificial intelligence

The development of the human brain like stimulus in the machines is widely known as AI. This tool is one of the most used technologies in today’s generation. Siri, Alexa, Google voice are examples of such a system. This system helps the users to reach the destined search results without even needing to type the details. This mechanism can also act pretty well as a communicative partner to the individuals. These machines can control a lot of programs as if it holds a remote control in itself.

  • Cloud computing

This system is made to hold a lot of data in itself secured and vastly. The users get a helping hand in the storage of digital assets, and many technical data that can be used for programing huge and helpful machines in it. The storage capability of the cloud is humongous, and one would not experience congestions while feeding data into the system. The computation is difficult yet efficient to preserve data for a long period.

  • Digital design

The basic formatting and creating of the digital products are done through this application. These are well-equipped to help the users structure their data in a way to represent a complete presentable digital project. All the kind of content creations is made via these systems. The system is certainly one of the most effective ones among the technologies.

  • Research and development

Many gadgets help in the developmental work and research work. The tools were used for procuring data, and assorting data were recording easy to conclude reports for research. These tools are often advanced and more equipped than the other ordinary technologies. The best thing about the technology is the unlimited facilities it provides to all of its users indiscriminately.

  • Machine-based education

Machine-based education is one of the most prominent changes in society. There are lectures well taught to carry out the required classes and assignments through the digital screen. Students often learn better through the virtual classes than they do from the manual ones. This idea has based on the idea that the human brain is sensitive to pictures more than texts and sound.

  • Mechanical analytics

Mechanical analytics are the ones that help the tech developers analyze the structural arrangements while they are developing something new or working on an existing pattern. This also helped the finance sectors to draw proper conclusions out of the calculations. Mechanical analytics are helpful in many other ways as well, such as solving heavy computer fed calculations.

  • Cyber-security

Last but not the least, cyber-security, is one of the most used technologies. As the wide use of internet connectivity allowed the users to join each other, it also opened up sources for criminals to commit digital theft and invasions. Cyber-security became a necessity with the improving technological aspects, and due to the wide use of the multi-server based services.



Technology updates

The rate at which updates were released in this sector was huge. The need of meeting the constant demands of the customers (audience) with improved facilities increased to which the industry reacted by providing rapid development. The best things about the different types of enhancements are the improved productivity and protective aspects. The more entertaining the tech developers make the gadgets, the better privileges one enjoys, and hence the product gets a vast chain of customers who trust and use them. Below some of the major tech news running in the headlines is mentioned.


Tech hot news

  • The growing profession in the world of tech becomes home working
  • Pandemic made people realize the potential of the tech industry
  • The innovation of electric plane rolling down into the market soon
  • Revolutionary machines at retail shops to maintain safety in the pandemic
  • Autonomous cars to take over the roads with the latest models
  • Cloud applications to earn a large audience over the pandemic
  • Cyber-security demands increases and protective development is carried out accordingly


Tech market status

The tech market did visible a large leap in profit during the heavy crowd at social networking sites and applications as people were refrained from going manual in the massive pandemic outbreak. The most interesting thing about the market is that they experienced as much loss as they achieved profits in the first phase of the lockdown. Unemployment and less human resource engagement messed up a big-time in the world of tech services. The pricing of the tech industry is yet to reach ordinary customers.

The importance of technology in various sectors of our life!


In the present time, technology has become a part of one’s life. It helps a person to do their work very easily and also fast. It also allows a person to overcome every type of difficulty or problem very easily and even within some time.


Why is technology very important in your life?

In recent times, people are surrounded totally by different types of technologies. Technologies have become very important in your life. There are many reasons why they are so crucial in your life. One of the biggest and most common reasons is that it allows people to do their work less time and more efficiently. There are many more reasons which make technology important in your life. Here are some of them-

  • Convenience- Through the help of technology, people can do theirs conveniently and within significantly less time. In this way, people can save lots of time.
  • Solves problem- Nowadays, every person has many people in their life, sometimes related to their work and sometimes associated with their family. However, technology cat helps a person personally. Still, it allows the person to solve all of their common problems, such as making calculation easy, every type of thing integrated into smartphones, and many more.
  • Communication -In the present time, the advancement of technology also allowed a person to communicate with one through any person in the world. This was highly beneficial for the people and helped people save time, which they wasted communicating with each other through letters or any different mode.


Some ways technology helps people in their daily life

In the present time, tech helps people in many different things in daily life. In this way, people are not able to save money but also time. Here are some of the most common ways through which technology helps a person in their daily life-

  • Phone calls- In the earlier time, while there were no mobile phones, people prefer to use letters for communication, which was not convenient for people. The reason is that their message requires a lot of time for reaching other people. However, mobile phones’ discovery helped people contact people through any place globally, which is highly beneficial for them.
  • Banking- In the last few years, people can now handle their bank accounts and their details correctly through their smartphones due to the advancement of technology. People cannot waste their time by standing in the bank lines for any banking work in this comfortable.
  • Games- In the present time, due to the advancement of technology, people can also play a variety of games that are very interesting and help them reduce their stress of daily life and even make new friends. There are many types of games, such as online or offline,to play anytime they want.
  • Search engines- In the last few years, many search engines are used by people nowadays. This allows them to do much of their work very easily, such as searching for something, getting knowledge, and many other things. These search engines had made the life of people very easy.
  • Social media- In the last few years, technology’s growth has been seen in social media. In the earlier times, it was impossible to talk to a family friend. At the same time, due to the advancement of technology, people can take to the unknown ones very easily with the help of social media.
  • In earlier times, it was very difficult for people to invest in the stock market. However, now because of online brokers’ presence, people caneasily invest in the market. They now don’t need to stay for a long time to buy or sell their shares. They can do so with the help of online brokers in one click. These brokers are present here because of the technological advancement



Some high tech gadgets which change the world

In the last few decades, the world has experienced the development of many useful gadgets which had been very beneficial for people and had changed the world. So, here are some of the most crucial as well as beneficial inventions of the present time-

  • Electric car- In the last few years, many companies had started making electric cars. Their companies have developed a lot throughout the world. Electric cars allow a person to save money that they need to invest in petrol but are very beneficial for the environment as, in this way, the emission of carbon for the cars would get reduced.
  • Smart devices- In the last few years, smart devices had also become very popular among people. Smart gadgets are highly beneficial for people as they allow them, people, to control through their phone or voice command. This reduces the physical effort they need to put do those things as there were don’t by smart devices by some voice command.
  • Wireless charging- It is one of the best greatest achievements by people in this decade. The reason is that through wireless charging, people can charge their phone through keeping anywhere, which is helpful for them in many ways, such as time-saving.

In the present time, it’s very difficult for a person to imagine their life with technology or tech gadgets, which include smartphones, TVs, and many other things. The reason is that technology helps a person in many different ways, including saving their time through provided them bank in smartphones, allowing them to make friends through social media, capturing the special moments through cameras, and many more. Also, the invention of electric cars, smart devices, and even wireless charging had changed the world because it allowed people to enjoy several advantages.

Tips And Guide For Beginners To Succeed With The Tech Blogs


Technology is the most well-known specialty that is publishing content on a blog that new companies choose today. What specialty will one decide on the new blog? 60% of the time, the appropriate answer would be “technology.” Individuals who understand technology immediately start another technology blog. This is not an overwhelming mission.

Technology is an inconsistent specialty development; huge tech giants discover new technologies, bloggers and individuals go crazy because of them. An increasing number of individuals require new technology instructional, auxiliary exercises, and updating technology appropriately in daily life. Anyway, take a break. This article will reveal one certain thing one needs to consider before starting the general tech blog.


When one discovers the specialty, here are all the things one need to do:-

  • Choose a technology that contributes to the blog phase
  • Choose a space name
  • Get web facilitation

It is suggested that one avoid any free steps or facilitating administrations. Please do not try to set aside money on these fundamentals, as together they are the establishment of the writing for a business blog.


Use WordPress

In case one asks, it is good advice for one to go indiscriminately to a self-facilitating WordPress site. In the beginning, I started several sites on Google’s free Blogger stage. It tracks a ton of impediments and can seriously hamper the writing developmentof a blogging profession. It is recommended that one avoid the free Blogger internship, as Google is not updating the internship properly and needs adaptability compared to WordPress.

It is better not to start writing for a blog as a business than to choose Google Blogger as a stage. WordPress is by far the best stage for any blogger. WordPress controls more than 30% of the sites on the planet and is the most used stage, close to specially coded sites. WordPress CMS is particularly implicit for bloggers. It has an incredible local area, discussions, and many topics and modules to overhaul the site with “nothing” coding experience. With WordPress, one doesn’t have to worry about any coding experience to start with the website/blog. To run the self-facilitated WordPress site, one needs to have the area’s name, and facilitating it together costs $ 50 / year.


Choosing The Domain

When choosing a space name for the tech blog, one needs to choose branded area names. In the past, obtaining names of areas with a trademark “technology” was simple. It was before in 2013, but not anymore. One doesn’t need to have “technology” in the area’s name, regardless of what others say. Go with a conventional brand space name.


Making The Tech Blog Easier

It is extremely critical to choose a decent facilitation provider for the technology blog. In the chance that one is starting with a large group of journalists and anticipating that a large amount of traffic will occur right after the blog starts, one may have to choose dedicated administrators or cloud facilitators. If one is just getting started, it would be appropriate to get a decent SSD-controlled shared facilitation provider.

It is proposed that one go with Bluehost or Siteground. Both facilitating administrations are useful for beginners and can handle a decent measure of traffic. They only cost $ 5 / month, depending on the deal one is making. When one reaches traffic of, say, 2,000 to 2,500 website hits per day, it may be necessary to advance the site for further execution or reinvest the profit in a much larger arrangement.



Choose The Specialty

The moment people hear about the technology blog, they are thinking about starting another mobile auditing site. One needs to think beyond that. Technology is an extremely broad specialty. Regardless of whether one is just starting, it is proposed that one go for a specific specialty. So, what is a specialty in writing for a blog? One has several fields of technology. One needs to make a blog in a specific field. Here are some examples of how one needs to be limited when starting a tech blog.


To The Solopreneurs

One needs to specialize. In case one are a solopreneur or have a small group of substance experts, training a specialist in an exceptionally large specialty is very problematic. In the chance that one is publishing content to a blog in a specific field, Google trusts the substance and places it in a higher position in the SERPs. As technology is constantly changing and disruption occurs from time to time, one needs to have a decent sense of anticipation to choose a specialty that confirms the future site.

After selecting the specialty, try a handful of different specialty gifts and take a brief look at the subject. Just select the specialty if one likes the theme. The best way to overcome these exceptionally definitive destinations on Google is to start a website ranking in a specific specialty or subspecialty. In doing so, one will have the option to show the effective skills to Google and position the site better.


Use Of Slogans

Even before booking the name of the space after choosing the specialty, one needs to invent 20 to 25 slogans about the thoughts one will expose anyway. For these mottos, SEO rivalry must below. One needs to think of approximate approaches to advertising profit and, also, ramifications. If one goes through some major subsidiary stages and items that offer large commissions and transformations and align with the simple to classify catchwords that one investigated, one has achieved the correct specialty.


Professional Tips

If one is a full-time blogger, starting a tech blog may not be an issue, as one has enough opportunities. In case one is a low maintenance blogger, in case one has at least 2 hours a day to publish content on a blog, without different websites, one can consider starting a technology blog. Just having 2-3 hours a day to write for a blog and having the intention to deal with multiple sites is an extremely poorly conceived notion. In all cases, it’s great to start a specialized website and work on it. At the point where one focuses on a specific specialty, one almost certainly create remarkable thoughts. Its center should be smoothed out. Instead of starting another general technology blog, start a blog about a specific technology specialty.