10 Instagram Stories Design Tips to Create Stunning Visuals


It is the time to begin if you’re not designing stories on Instagram. Mostly on social media platforms, each day, and over 500 million individuals just use vertical format.

Storytelling is fun, creativity is possible, and that this is the place in which you can demonstrate to the audience on social media your abilities in design.

Throughout the past, you probably were using social in some contexts, a little distinct. This article will help you publish stories on Instagram like such a professional with illustrations and ideas that help you grow your audience.


Tell Stories 

The start, middle, and end should be focused on to make a good Instagram story. Excellent Instagram stories do all this properly, so users would like to continue to watch and move the Instagram story without the skip.

Even before you post, storyboarding your concept is a great idea. How many story slides does it have (three-five is probably perfect)? What will be the content of the sides? Who (if somebody) are you going to tag, or which hashtags are you going to use? Does an action button exist (bio connection or swipe)?

Map how every one of the elements is playing in your history’s slides.

All the stories in such a single slide should be related to a visual subject. Users know that even when you start and finish your story. That’s also essential as “autoplay” stories in Instagram stories from user to user account.


Optimize the content into Right Size

Nothing happens in Instagram stories. A perfect ‘grammars can size all for the platform.

Three key aspects have to be taken into account:

  • The aspect ratio of the Instagram story is of size 9:16. This is your standard horizontal format, which has the vertical orientation over its side.
  • The current dimensions are 1080 pixels per 1920 pixels. A large video or picture would then entirely fill the room. Do not forget the name Instagram only at the screen’s bottom as well as the fastening tools. In those places, don’t place words or action buttons. This small error will distract the viewers, although the story above looks good.
  • It is fifteen seconds for the maximum video length. That everything longer is broken into numerous slides automatically.


Use Brand Styles and Colors 

In Instagram Stories, you will not have to move overboard with your branding – your username, as well as your logo, are visible; however, you must also follow other brand guidelines. It could be helpful as quickly the user recognizes our stories.

From the standpoint of design, styles and brand colors are always a great idea if you can.

Would you like to pick a full rainbow color when you tap & hold onto a color& swipe up? In Instagram Stories, that’s how you can add and personalize brand colors.

Take into account the drop shadow for better text readability, or use secondary colors, white or black, if your colors do not quite work out.

The best way in which brand elements can be read would be to use big font sizes, with only some words per diagram (they move to read more quickly) and pictures that are in your collection.

It’s a bit harder to use custom fonts. Instagram does have a number of default options to attach text right into the personal editor. Although your fonts are unlikely, select one that fits your brand’s mood.

Before adding to Instagram, you could also add text in such a picture of using specific fonts of the brand.


Use Stickers

Instagram has been packed with additional stories – stickers, emoji, gifs, polls, timer counts, etc. Take advantage of these Instagram elements!

But go on cautiously.

This is completely appropriate if you’re using fun elements. Limit them only. Add to an Instagram story too much will quickly mess up a design.

One to two stories should suffice – not a slide. Recall that each slide is limited in duration. However, many things could a user see and recognize realistically in due course?

The answer could even continue to form what type of elements you are using.



Use the Personally Styled Template for Stories

If you post regularly in Instagram Stories, a template could help you determine how and when to look at slides. A story template with such a lot of options could even assist you plan & create attractive slides while you don’t wish to make the formula too rigid – it can become visually unstuck over time.

Do the above information to make slides for various content types. You could then plugin and play photos & text.

If it seems intimidating to create your personal Instagram Story templates, then they could also be downloaded. There are tons of templates present online to make sure your Instagram gameplay gets up to the succeeding stage in dozens of styles.


Mix Various Formats of Media

To combine media formats – video or images – in the single post, we are using Instagram Stories. The most important thing about the pleasure of its format is the visual surprises that the user can view. The only important thing is to use various high-quality media to make the experience a great one.


Make a Highlight Covers

Have you been saving highlights in Instagram stories? If possible, level the layout of your homepage of Instagram with personalized highlights to replace each of your stories.

Create the template for just a consistent but diverse design for various types of themes for the story. If you save a new highlight, you can attach your personal design – or generate that fly on Instagram. It may be as easy as to draw focus to each saved story with a brand color.


Final Words

Instagram Story mode is among the most fastest growing formats of social media. (Facebook also has its story version, which looks and works in the same manner. Because they are owned by the same company.)

Creating stellar Instagram history could even boost your user involvement and bring you the most attention to the content. You must remember that your Instagram stories must connect to your audience then only it will be beneficial to you. Also, be regular in posting the stories.


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