7 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021


The good thing about trends in graphic design is that every year a reset is provided. As well as the challenge for 2020 can offer us the greatest breath of fresh air in terms of design trends from 2021.

Whereas the promise of a new decade has led to trends throughout the past, the use of science and future technology leads to the first trend in graphic design in 2021. We examined viewpoints as well as predictions of our worldwide graphic designer community — from classic symbolism to elements of nature to analog painting — that signal trends founded in this world.

All graphics are about turning the plain it into something special. Let’s look at how the 2021 designers influence this decade’s trajectory.


Abstract Psychedelia

The art & music scene of its sixties does have its roots in Psychedelia. In short, the opening of one’s mind is associated only with hallucinogens and creative experiments in the context of societal upheaval. It does seem to fit the times in contrast from then on: the chaotic psychedelic imagery promotes freedom, the sense which designers have ceased to be linked by traditional restrictions.

In 2021, graphic designers revived Psychedelia via excessive color and complex abstraction, which would make MC Escher dizzy. These are designs that live their own lives both in explosive arrangements and also in their complexity, insofar as no two views feel quite identical.

While distorted form and baffled imagery may well be the purpose, symmetry could even start making these compositions even more complicated. It is like this new Psychedelia suggests that even in the most limited circumstances, there are many ways of remaining ground.


Symbol revival

The small things are important in design. A nation could be unified by colorful bars on a waving banner as well as a shape as easy as just a red octagon could save lives at such a busy crossroad.

Symbols such as these have historically been all about universality. The power of classic symbols is one’s willingness to transcend the language. Whether this takes the form of warning transmissions or identifying a cause under the common iconography. In 2021, designers use this capacity to create aspiring symbols of resilience, growth, and enhanced capacity.

They do this by incorporating creatively recognizable power symbols like stars, stoic lions, and goddesses. We also witness the modernization of classical visual motifs, like the medieval crest of Eliza Osmos or stained glass framing with svart ink. The designers shape talismans through classic symbols throughout the coming year that we’ll be desperate to avoid.



Retrofuturism, the Science & Fiction dreams of an ancient era, appeals to spectacular ways that the past has failed. Now though, flying automobiles, ray weapons, and robot maids had been expected to be available. We got Roombas instead.

Retro Futurism has over the ages dominated as just a visual style because of its bold imagination and its surprisingly optimistic view—at least more so than our present visions of doom in performances including the Black Mirror. The retro-futurists trusted human progress so much that our science could never match also the fearful green Martians in flying saucers.

Stylistically speaking, this optimism is expressed by emphasizing computer typography, bright colors, and curves—from space helms to domes and arches. In 2021, retro-futurism promises to take us back to the good old days of the coming days instead of returning us to an idealized past.


Seamless surrealism

‘Surrealism’ is among the artistic terms that people tend to associate only with inscrutable, insensitive imagination. But the fact that the pandemics of bad fiction have become our way of life often forgets that it includes the words ‘realism.’ Really, it is linked to the surrealistic, and in no year was that felt more than in 2020.

This anxiety is expressed by graphic designers through surrealist collages, in which images that would be normal become strange in combination. An apple man could be normal from his neck, and a swimming pool throughout the backyard can contain a whole range of mountains.

The illusion is smooth, making separating one image from yet another difficult. The result is to welcome the stranger uncomfortably, to accept impossible combinations as being one. We expect this trend in picture-focused media like posters, album art, and book covers to become more often a conceptual approach.


Authentic representation

The Black Lives Matter movement is a time of global protest without precedent. It’s indeed hopeful that even a re-examination of systemic prejudice will start and, therefore, will continue in 2021, including graphic design, through all industries.

We also saw designers making efforts in illustration and stock photography to dip models in favor of authentic, diverse people. We imagine it’ll go beyond merely inclusive celebration in 2021 still further. The result was indeed a portrait of black men and women in powerful, inspiring environments and poses. We saw colorful designers throughout the immediate vicinity of the BLM protests.

Once a thing design must be avoided, it is uniformity. The highlighting of different cultures, skin tones, ages, and identities is a wonderful way to create designs that are truly unique, like authentic people.


Irreverent characters

A story can be told by good design. This story is unforgettable with great design. In 2021, numerous graphic designers are trying to digest abstract images for strange characters. More personally, the more memorable these protagonists are.

Conceptual illustration lies at the heart of this trend, as personality throughout the form of a man-drawn strategy is not just the pose of the protagonist. It is why these styles range in detail from the cross-hairing of modern cartoons to just the simplified forms, lines, and colors. The concepts – anthropomorphic sushi and suitable animals – themselves indicate the expected recovery in the coming months of humor and strangeness.


Comics & pop art

The design styles of its past haven’t ever died, like that of an arch-nemesis. And graphic designers are reviving the heavy encryption, granular colors, and vintage comics activity lines this year.

Born out of a technological printing era, comics often used half-tons to represent the color or simplified dot shading. This strategy could now inspire new life through grainy texture and depth into modern minimalist trends like flat design. Likewise, the grid can be broken by web designers with inclined panels and skewed forms that create a feeling of play and movement.


So these are some of the most important graphic design trends for the year 2021 that you should consider if you are in the field of graphic designing.


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