How To Start A Blog in 2021 [Blogging Guide For Beginners]


There’s a WordPress blog you would like to make. WordPress is indeed a great way to launch a blog, plus we believe blogs are great!

Better still – the development of a WordPress blog is indeed amazingly easy. We claim that in less than fifteen minutes, you could do it.

However, it is just so easy to start with such a free WordPress blog that it is vital for you to understand what to do or how to do so so that you do not waste your time. We rendered this guide, therefore.

In order to start a blog utilizing self-hosted WordPress, we will be showing you each move you want. And we’re going to do this with lots of screenshots and directions for beginners.


How to start the blog website

We will cover every one of these steps in the description below for now but, that is not a question of detailed technological expertise that each one of these steps takes. Really, you will find out how to create a blog alone!

When you have your free WordPress blog up and running, you’re definitely going just to want to begin blogging and probably change its look and work. We will also teach you how to do this to benefit you:

  • Start writing your first blog post with the Editor for WordPress
  • Use a “style” to modify how your blog looks.
  • Use software called “mods” to add features to your blog.

You should follow this guideline as long as it follows about using websites like Facebook and also has an overall trust in “websites”.


Purchase domain name and web hosting

To make your WordPress blog available worldwide, two things are needed:

  • The motor that drives the website is up to Hosting. Each website, mostly on the Internet, does have a host that powers it, but you wouldn’t “even see.”
  • Use your Domain – like the permanent address of your site.

You will buy your Hosting & your Domain simultaneously – so don’t bother about just the particulars at this moment. But you have to select a WordPress host before you could even do it. Due to the success of WordPress, there seem to be a lot of WordPress hosts.

The success and reliability of several hosts have been checked directly. With all of the findings in mind, Bluehost could be recommended for new WordPress bloggers.


Install the WordPress software

You would, unexpectedly, have to install the WordPress app if you wish to build a WordPress blog.

We know that can sound very daunting – but we feel shocked by the simplicity of WordPress installation.

After the registration is done in the previous step, a detailed information about how to connect to the Bluehost customer area should be obtained from Bluehost. Go forward to Bluehost and log in.

After you first register, Bluehost will send you an easy wizard so that you can install WordPress on your new website. WordPress with Bluehost is still very simple to use. Go over to the My Sites region to start the wizard by clicking mostly on the Site Creation button:

Then you should fill over all necessary information on the name of your website and your username and password for your WordPress blog management.

You can access your latest blog dashboard until the installation is over.


Upload first blog on the Website

You’re probably curious about blogging that now you learn how to make a WordPress blog. We are going to teach you how to adjust the look & function of your blog in a moment. Let’s now look at how simple it can be to write your new site with a blog post.

You can see such a screen when you just sign into the WordPress dashboard of your blog.

To write a blog post:

  • Hover over Posts
  • Click Add New

The WordPress Editor will be started to allow you to write your blog posts that used a truly intuitive block structure. Select and type to add text. You may add new ‘lines’ for many other contents, such as a picture or an embedded YouTube video.


Change the looks of blogs      

So if you generate a WordPress blog, accessing WordPress’ huge array of themes and plugins is among the major advantages. This is a fast summary of the two:

Themes: change your free WordPress blog

Plugins: add features to your blog

You always have an active theme when you generate a WordPress blog. It’s either the WordPress theme or even the theme you selected throughout the Setup Wizard of Bluehost.

But currently, there are many thousands of WordPress themes accessible, so you’re not just a selection of them.


Process to Install WordPress theme

Once you have discovered a theme you adore, it is easy to add this theme to your website with WordPress.

This is how:

  • Floating over the look.
  • Choose themes
  • Press the button Add New
  • Search only for the theme by title, and click install if you have chosen a free theme on
  • If you buy a premium theme is the one that you should have received when you bought the theme; tap the Upload Theme button to download the ZIP file.

Please ensure you tap the Activate button after installation of your concept to unlock it on your site.


Add Various Functions in the Blog

Even when themes mainly relate to the appearance of your blog, plugins help you add functionality.

You can only write blogs and generate pages when creating your first WordPress blog.

Plugins enable you to add further advanced features such as:

  • Contact forms
  • Backups
  • Social Media buttons
  • Improved SEO

There is also probably a plugin for it if you could even believe in a feature. It is because there are over 50000 free plugins available throughout the WordPress community, and as well as thousands of premium plugins.


Final Words

So this completes our guide on how to make a blog. You must remember that when you start a blogging website, you must remain regular to grow rapidly; otherwise, you will not be able to make it to the top.


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